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Jeffrey's Restaurant

About us

Our first day of business was Valentine’s Day 2005, and we’ve come a long way since then. Inspired by his late father, Bud, Jeff Lancaster created a restaurant that filled the area’s need for a higher quality restaurant that wasn’t another lifeless franchise. Jeff’s passion for people pushed him to strive for the best while embracing an approachable southern charm; this idea is still woven into our essence today.

We’re about more
than just chewing.

Food is part of everyone’s day, but the experience of eating with friends loved ones and neighbors continues to inspire our core purpose: Good Food & Good Times. From the beginning, this has been a differentiating part of our culture and we cherish the relationships we’ve made, past, present, and future.

Times change and
our passion haven’t.

From the beginning, our recipe for success has been to think of our restaurant as a reliable friend. Avoiding the short-lived trends and focusing on timeless, delicious food means you can rely on us to keep it real. Whether a special occasion or a casual night out with your favorite people, we’re all about good food and good times.

The best has yet to come.

We are embracing a new look but are not forgetting where we came from. Today, our image better matches the personality we stand behind, and we’re eager to find ways to keep things fresh. Don’t worry though, we promise to stay true to what our fans have always loved about us while inviting new friends to the table too!